1. There are lots of talking machines. Like our bathtub. It breaks into a lovely singsong voice to tell us something important every now and then. We like it - even though we cannot really participate in the discussion. 

2. There are not many knives. This is an issue when you e.g. need to cut open an avocado. 

3. We met a British-French yoga instructor in the most unlikely corner of Japanese countryside (Nishiawakura) where he lives with his Japanese wife.

4. Japanese kids are wicked at baseball. 

5. We love the onsen. Someone should start one in Vancouver and I will become an annual member right away.

6. The Japanese watch TV while they drive. I am not kidding. There are two screens and only one is for the GPS...

7. All storm drainage is open. This makes for big concrete ditches you can back your car into or fall in with your bike. We came close to both.

8. The Japanese are really mindful about not having pets inside the house. Dogs sleep outside.

9. It's oddly hard to buy butter.  Maybe the Japanese don't use it so much. 

10. When we were waiting for the train to take us back to Osaka, a hawk came to circle above us, like saying goodbye. 



At Kamo station. The Tombi had just passed above us. 

At Kamo station. The Tombi had just passed above us.