Hello and good morning! Some of you have noticed that the blog app is down. I am miffed to say the least - I have to use the web program to post and it doesn't do images on the mobile platform. (!!! Yes -  my thoughts exactly). 

So I can only post text for now, and according to the tech support, they don't know for how long:

David O. (Squarespace)

Nov 25, 5:47 AM EST 

Hi there,

Thank you for the detailed information about the behavior you’ve encountered. I can confirm that this is due to an issue with the blog app on our end.

We’ve made a record of this for our Engineering and Design teams to review. That being said, there are many moving parts and variables that need to be addressed before we can roll out a solution. Also, we thoroughly test all fixes before they’re released to ensure they don’t affect other Squarespace components or customers; we’re very proactive in this regard. As a result, resolution time often varies, and we aren’t able to provide a timeline for this.

While we can't guarantee further follow up, customer bug reports are an important part of how we continue to improve our platform, so we appreciate your input. If you come across any other unusual behavior, please let us know.

David O.