So we spent a really, really nice week in Rayong which is about 2,5 hrs South of Bangkok. We stayed in my friend Severi's condo - we are buddies from architecture school, from way back when. 

Severi and his wife Puki have two adorable children Nemo and Vivi. Lili was of course stoked to have company to play with, and the kids spent a lot of time splashing at the pool or swimming in the ocean.

One evening we went to the grocery store and all three of them, for reasons that are very logical to 3-8 year olds, started to chant hmm... preschooler jokes. No need to repeat the content here, suffice it to say that the lines rapidly deteriorated to what is generally described as 'bathroom words'. And it was pretty loud. Pretty loud. A joyful young chorus swelling to action, interspersed with peals of laughter.

I had all three kids in the shopping cart and there was nothing else to do but to push them around the store and let the energy out and thank my lucky stars above that they chose to chant in Finnish, so none of the Thais understood.