Yesterday my friend Brad and I went to Pondicherry for a quick visit (we are both in Auroville). On the way back, the rickshaw driver picked up an old lady who was literally lying on the pavement. After we dropped Brad off at his lodging I continued and the lady was able to come and join me sitting in the back.  

I think she was about 90-100 years old. No idea if she spoke English or anything else, as everything she did was completely slowed down by age. What a great honor it was to hold her and observe her beautiful and fragile body, her shiny Indian skin and her hands and feet, bony and worn. I found myself thinking what long distances she must have walked, years and years before I even came about.

We drove her off to a small house near Aspiration in Auroville. The rickshaw driver then took a bunch of banknotes, wrapped them in a bag and pressed in into her hand. This is a picture of her getting off.