So these are my feet. I often say that my ideal place to live is where one never needs to wear socks - so BC remains a bit of a half measure in this regard.

I have not worn shoes for over two months now. The only footwear I have around are flip flops (which are called chappals in India). Flip flops are helpful in keeping your feet clean, but there is something so incredibly pleasant in being in bare feet that I have long since accepted that the soles of my feet are reddish brown pretty much all the time. (In the photo my feet are unusually clean because this morning we did laundry - read: stomping clothes in your bare feet in a bucket of water). 

In India you need to remove shoes before entering most buildings, including stores. It is nice to feel the cool floor with the soles of your feet. At the Matrimandir gardens I walk on the natural stone paths and that also feels great.

I think we are meant to feel and connect with our feet.