Maalaa's beautiful words

One of my earliest yoga teachers was (and is forever ) the lovely and beautiful Maalaa-ji. She has a gift of living, singing and teaching straight from the heart. She recognized my love of yoga philosophy early on, and opened the doors to its world for me with her immense wisdom and song. When Maalaa heard about our trip plans, this is what she said - and with her permission I am sharing it here. She has captured our intention so perfectly.

Wow, Laura,

So beautiful.  I am so thrilled, and of course not at all surprised, that you have created such a beautiful world around you and are going to expand the borders of that world to include all these exciting orbits of experience and self-knowledge that will grow with your exciting adventure.  You are an architect of dreams, and wow!  How awesome that you will be offering yourselves this time together.

As for the dream…this is it.  Now is the time! 

‘Ya es ahora!  Abrete Corazon y recuerda!’…

A beautiful medicine song that I sing…Now is the time!  Open your Heart and Remember!

Much love,