As our departure nears, this is another thing I hear a lot. And I would so love it if you were inspired instead.

It has been just uplifting to plan for this trip and realize how tangible the results of putting one's energy and intention into something can be. No one came to us and said: Oh hi - would you like to take a year off and go traveling? The clarity to embark on this venture has grown out of constant self inventory (what do we really want as a family) and believing that most things we can dream we can also create. 

No one I know has looked back at their life and said: I wish I had worked more. To realize that stepping away from work for a while may be the right thing has been liberating. Of course there are costs too - we have lived on a reduced salary for almost three years, and we are giving up many things to go. But everything has come together to support our dream: lo and behold once you put the ask to the universe, it will provide.

So why not take your life in your own hands and ...