So... no amount of our foreign language ability has been helpful in navigating life in Japan. It is sort of refreshing to be so out of it when it comes to being able to read. All signs are in Japanese - with only major highway signs showing names in Western alphabet as well. Thank goodness washrooms generally have the male or female pictograms otherwise we would be sure to go to the wrong side. Street addresses are pretty futile here most of the time anyways -  best is to learn to know the buildings by sight. 

Where learning to figure labels out really has been funny is at the supermarket - where a bottle of juice looks just like a bottle of cooking oil, and while we would probably enjoy both it would be nice to know what we are buying. So we ask and talk with hands and guess. It all makes for good fun.  

Here is a quiz for you: which of these products would you buy if you were looking for butter?


Ok that was easy - if you look under the price tag you can see one is cheese - but with our jet lagged eyes, and the very inviting picture of Japanese cows  we still got it wrong. The cheese was great though.


And how about this great caption? 'This sauce makes cooking delicious'. This is of course delightful news but we have no idea what sauce it is. I think we'll just try it and let you know. 

OK - we are off to make pancakes. It's very easy - the instructions are here. You can guess freely which ingredients to add, how much of each and in which order. No problem!