1. It is not as crowded as one would think. However, if you go to Northern India, people will be hanging out of train windows and doors - just like in the movies. 

2. India is a country where use of toilet paper is not that common. 

3. There are over 100 languages in India. Really.

4. No one gets angry in traffic. They just weave in this organic, elastic flow with strange detachment. 

5. The chai is delicious. 

6. Indian women are impeccably dressed. They will have a freshly pressed sari, flowers in their hair and jewellery on every morning, even if they go on to work in the fields.  (Indian people think that western people are dirty).

7. The environmental degradation one sees everywhere does give serious pause.

8. The 'demonetization' - cancelling of all 500 and 1000 rupee bills caused a lot of hassle.

9. Quality of wifi and access to internet were disappointing throughout the trip. We were a bit surprised by this.

10.  You eat by hand. And only use your right hand, please....



Indian fashions are truly, truly exquisite.