Yesterday we were watching Morocco play Egypt in the Africa Cup of soccer. This is about as big a deal as world championships for the rest of the world.  

When we arrived in Morocco I asked our driver what sport was the most popular here and the answer was simple: soccer. Then I asked what was the second most popular sport and got the surprising answer: there really isn't one. So we agreed that the three most popular sports here are soccer, soccer and soccer - and in that order. 

Therefore it was not surprising that last night as we were watching the match, probably the national Internet network was melting down as we were all streaming it to our HDTVs. The image kept freezing and we were all at the edge of our seats.  

The game was zero zero for the longest time, and the previous quarterfinal went into penalty kicks as neither team (Ivory Coast and Congo) scored. We were getting ready for overtime and more.

But then, in a mess of activity in front of the goal with less than two minutes to go in the game, Egypt scored.  

And that was awful. Morocco tried feverishly to even the game out but what can one do ... even with 3 minute extra time, we lost.  

So no more Morocco in this year's Cup. But the effort was valiant. Go Morocco!