I am writing this post only because some people say that we are the happiest family ever and nothing ever goes wrong and this trip is so amazing etc. etc.

We have bad days too. It seems that the times when we transit from one country to another can be especially stressful. On our trip from Brazil to Mexico we had three flights. Everything went sort of OK until the final security screening for our domestic transfer from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta.

Then in a cruel blow, security seized Lili's treasured waveboard. It was too late when we rushed back to try to check it in so we just had to let them take it. No matter that it had been successfully and safely carried through Casablanca, Lisbon, Rio, Santiago do Chile, and the International arrivals of the Mexico City airport. No matter that the airline official was rolling his eyes when we were back at the check in counter in panic - he said this should totally be allowed in the cabin. Nothing we could do - in the security officer's eyes it was now 'a weapon'.  

A lot more could be said about this but I won't.