Hmmm. Many of you know that we don't have a TV and that's a good thing. But I do love watching tennis every now and then, and have even been known to occasionally crash about with a racket myself.

Right now I am particularly interested in the renaissance of Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer - but there are also some great and super talented young players such as Nick Kyrgios. And the French player Gael Monfils is an extraordinary mover on court, just amazing to watch. On the women's side I am of course a big fan of Serena Williams and also interested in Jo Konta.

So I bought a membership to Tennis TV so that I could watch some of the games on my iPad. 

But imagine my dismay when I realized that Tennis TV - who apparently have the exclusive streaming rights to the ATP circuit - only stream tennis by male players. No women, no mixed doubles, only men men men. And men. I guess they have been taking their cues from Novak Djokovich who, in all earnestness, said that female tennis players should rightly be paid less than males in tournaments 'because nobody wants to watch them play'. In honour of this statement and sentiment, this blog is tagged 'DINOSAURS'.

Game, set and match. Good thing I only paid for a month.