(Warning: graphic pic at bottom) 



You may have noticed in the photos of the preceding months that Lili was often hobbling around with duct tape on her toe. Some people asked us about it, and the reason for the tape is simple: Lili had two warts on her big toe. 

We asked our friend Dr. Bobby Parmar (our rad family doctor and naturopath) what to do and he said: Easy! Use some duct tape. So we did - and it works. Two months later both warts are gone - the little one in fact disappeared in a couple of weeks, big ones take longer.

This was a good learning experience for all, and Lili took responsibility for all the taping herself - she will now also know to reach for the tape in the future if she ever needs to.

(For the scientifically minded, warts at caused by a type of HPV - Human Papilloma Virus, and it dies if deprived of oxygen. No burning, chemicals or dry ice needed.)


Thank you Dr. Bobby! 

Thank you Dr. Bobby!