-Interestingly, people are not that different wherever you go. Families love their children, young folks look towards the future, older folks look back, and many people are happy to make a friend in Canada.


-Gosh the the extent of environmental degradation. This was really visible in India and Vietnam. Really. But in many other countries as well, people do not recycle or compost. There would be huge gains to be made in awareness just by doing more, or any, of either.


-Facebook has turned out to be a really important tool. I don't FB much, but many local activities and contacts are so easy to handle on messenger, especially if you don't have a phone like us.


-that being said, we really could have used a phone in India. Next time I will get one for sure, with a one month subscription or something.


-we didn't drive for seven months. We ended up renting a car in a Mexico in late April because we found a stable for Lili to ride at that was a two hour walk away, and there were no buses. So we rented a car on two separate days so she could go to evening class. And one day we cabbed it.


-at about five months, we already felt like we had been gone for a year. Now it feels like a year and a half, and counting.


-people entertaining theories of working abroad over the Internet may be in for a rude awakening regarding quality and capacity of available bandwidths.... just sayin'.


- we have missed the rainiest winter in a century in Vancouver. 

...and dogs are the same all around the world.

...and dogs are the same all around the world.