This discussion really took off into an unexpected direction. All started by Lili asking me where my (intense) horse allergy comes from. I said I did not know, it could even be a past life issue.

So Lili asks what past lives - I for sure did not live before? And then she continues, without missing a beat, to say: maybe our dreams are thoughts from our past lives. 

I explained that in some philosophies the body is considered a temporary vehicle for the spirit. Then after the body dies, the spirit goes away and can eventually enter a new body again when a new person is born.

Fast forward a couple of hours: we are having lunch. A bowl of pasta has just been consumed, and somehow talk goes to people having gifts for various things or skills in life (I think it was a rebound of my truly astonishing show of skill in crocheting, our latest homelearning experiment with Lili: I managed to remember how to crochet in a circle and just went on and on until I ran out of yarn).



Then I went to say that I really believe that people like Mozart, who not only was playing the piano and violin but also composing when he was 5 years old, must have been a musician in his previous life. And this snippet of hypothesis led into a roaring episode of guessing what each of us might have been in our previous lives.


I said maybe Lili was a farmer as she loves the animals so much. Or a great artist as her drawings are so good. But she said no. She was a horse. Or maybe, actually definitely, a show jumper. 

Top picture: Lili as horse. Neighing was part of the pose. Second pic: Lili as show jumper. 

Top picture: Lili as horse. Neighing was part of the pose. Second pic: Lili as show jumper. 


Then Lili said that I had definitely been something to do with speaking many languages really well, and I said I must have been an opera singer because I love opera so much. And before they could stop me, I jumped up and did some of my very best opera gestures:



And surely Dante was an artist in Italy painting frescoes on ceilings? But then he struck a very dramatic pose so maybe he was an actor instead? Or a comedian?



I fully understand that this post is not even half as funny as our lunch was - we were rolling on the floor laughing.

But it is fun to think about - what might you have been in a past life??