• People now speak English in Paris. They actually speak it very frequently. This is a shame as you could really count on speaking French in Paris before. There are now many businesses and services that are entirely run in English.


  • We had super great weather.


  • Markets in Paris are awesome. We had the best cherries ever from Marché d'Aligre, and they were less than half the price of cherries elsewhere.


  • Paris is expensive. A regular lunch is about twice the cost of a meal in Canada.


  • Lili says: All the dogs look really healthy and well taken care of. All the dogs of street people are also really well cared for. There are no stray cats either.


  • Dante says: The streets are beautiful. Charming.


  • Buses are a smarter way to travel than the metro - you see more.


  • It seems to still be OK to wear perfume in Paris. (Don't even try to do that in Vancouver.)


  • The art is so great. We felt inspired to try our hand at gouaches, sculpture, millinery, decorating with slip, you name it. It's all just great.


  • I splurged at Mariage Frères.