1. Helsinki is the same, the environs are not. Huge amounts of development to the point that I did not know my way.
  2. It almost appears all waiters have been made redundant. Now you have to order your food at the till, pay, wait, and then go to pick it up when ready.
  3. Groceries are cheap.
  4. Some things, like transit and haircuts, are definitely not cheap.
  5. There are two new public saunas in Helsinki. That is very cool.
  6. Banks have become absurd. Many don't handle cash anymore, and you have to make an appointment to even get into the branch - the doors are locked.
  7. There are several things you need to take care of by telephone through paying calls. Eur 2.99 / min 'press nine if you have a question about this'  tic tic tic...
  8. Finnish horses are as lovely as any others.
  9. I tried a stand up paddle board. It was awesome fun.
  10. Finnish summer is soooo beautiful.