1. Having studied Russian at school really helps understand a bit of Czech!
  2. Prague is very beautiful.
  3. Transit is very inexpensive, an annual pass costs 4,750 CZK which is about $265 CDN.
  4. The old town is almost completely a pedestrian area. This is very nice.
  5. There seems to be a fair bit of 'adult' entertainment. Also a lot of dark history.
  6. We found an awesome equestrian store. It had three floors! We spent at least an hour there on a rainy day looking at all kinds of cool stuff and bought a pair of pants for Lili. Dance and Jump!
  7. Thanks to Airbnb we made a new friend in our host, who is also women's rights activist. Yay! I will definitely keep in touch with her and her friends.
  8. The Czechiest (is that a word?) souvenirs are enamel, and clock things.
  9. Lili says: People are happy. And lots of people have dogs. We did not see many Czech children though.
  10. The Vaclav Havel Airport has the best ever airport scale model - made entirely out of Legos! Happy kids can push the buttons to make the planes and cars move while adults wait in line to check in. Very well done.