Barcelona is the city of Antonio Gaudi, the great Spanish architect who boldly did what no other architect had done before (or much since either for that matter). I have wanted to visit Barcelona ever since architecture school - and really cannot think of any good reason why it has taken me thirty years to do so.

But here we are, and while it is a short visit we definitely made time to see some of Gaudi's work.


Park Guell is on a hill where Gaudi designed a couple of buildings and a big patio with a colonnade below it. We visited on a day that was really hit and the breezes underneath the patio were really cooling! The view from the patio gives directly to the city below and we asked some Brazilian tourists to take a picture of us.


Sagrada Familia is the forever incomplete church that stuns anyone who sees it. The Barcelona government continues to build it and some of the new parts are looking almost modern in comparison to the original stuff which is a little darker, both in colour and in expression in my opinion.

Both these projects are what I can only call 'mega sights' and indeed there are so many tourists that they are now only accessible by purchasing a ticket online several days before your intended visit.