I like this text so much: 

You know, our children come to us whole, complete and worthy. They’re happy with two sticks, a stone and a feather. But because we’ve been conditioned so deeply in an unconscious manner, so severed from our own sense of presence, wholeness, attunement, and sense of self and whole and abundance that we project a sense of lack onto them, and we teach them, Do not depend on your sense of self for worth and value, but look outward. Look to the Ferrari, the corporate corner office, to the casino, to the pill, to the bottle, to the needle, to spouse number one, two and three, to where you live, to where you graduated from. Because we are severed from a sense of being, we are consumed by doing. This is how we know self value. We teach our children, “You can’t simply play, you must achieve. You can’t have a hobby, you must excel at it. You cannot dream, you must dream big and why really dream if you can’t succeed?” It is time for us to change the spotlight, to turn it inward, and change it from being the child who needs to be fixed, the child as the one with the problem, and parental evolution as the solution.

The extent to which we as parents know ourselves, is the extent to which our children will. The extent to which we as parents can love deeply, laugh loudly, risk bravely and lose freely, is the extent to which our children will know joy and freedom. The extent to which we can run out into the rain without fear of getting wet, is the extent to which our children will lead lives of courage. The time to awaken is now. The parenting paradigm needs to shift. No more the parent as the greater than, but now we need to look at our children as equal if not greater transforming agents. Our children are our awakeners, they are our teachers.

It is time for us parents to answer the call, to pause, to reflect more, to connect to our own abundance, to trust our children, to understand their brilliance, to follow their lead, to self-love, to create purpose, to enter worth, to be in gratitude. For this is how our children will absorb wholeness and abundance, fullness and spirit. And from this place, they can fly free.

It is time for us parents to answer our call to our own awakening. The moment is now and our children await.

-Dr. Shefali Tsabary