Live the dream




I don't know how many times we have heard this: 'You are so lucky to be making such a trip!'


Of course that is true, and it is always said in the spirit of friendship and admiration.

But actually it is not true at all.  This trip is not a product of luck, it is a product of planning and choices we have made towards our goal.

I am a  believer in creating my own 'luck' and manifesting one's desires. We started planning for this trip over three years before we left. I applied for a self-funded leave from my employer, and had a portion of each paycheck set aside into a deferral account. We also opened a separate account where we diverted any little extra monies that came - from Dante's gas station tips to my basement renovation designs that I would do on the side of my main job as an architect and project manager.  Little by little there was a hundred,  then a thousand, then two.

We sold a lot of stuff in the process of purging to rent our house out for a year. We also sold both our cars. Dante left his job - and turned 65 a month after we left. As Lili is a homelearner, we can be anywhere for her education...

You get the drift.

Trips like this do not need to be expensive. We have selected mostly inexpensive countries and our day to day habits are pretty frugal. The point is that we have been able to be together, as a family, for a full year and  experience all of this adventure together. 

So my response to the people who say that we are lucky is: You could do this too, you know.