Lucrezia Borgia


How is that for a grand title for a post? In a tribute to the staggeringly outstanding pastry in Italy I thought I'd share this Bisceglian specialty called 'Sospiri'.


Now 'sospiri' actually means 'sighs' and the story goes that the pastry is - hmmm - representing the shape of dear Lucretia's breasts. I am a little unclear why, but she certainly was one special lady. 

Firstly, she was the daughter of a pope - an unusual and powerful starting point right there. She was married three times and her second husband was Alfonso of Aragon, who became the Duke of Bisceglie. He died under suspicious circumstances only two years into their marriage, probably poisoned - apparently by Lucretia or her brother.

There are wild stories about the parties and life led by the Borgias. Lucrezia had at least ten children (with many different men I might add) and I like to think that maybe this impressive scale of motherhood had something to do with her mammaries being thus immortalized as cream filled spongy mounds with delicate sugary skin.

Happy Sospiri, folks.