Many people in Canada like to complain about government interference in private life and individual choices. The term for this is 'Nanny State'.

It sure can be annoying, and I have had my moments of frustration too. But often I smile, because I think that Canada is nothing compared to Finland where people actually drive the speed limit on an empty road in the middle of the night and do what the law says 'because the law says so'. 


So we have had haircuts in Finland - just regular maintenance kind of stuff and a courtesy to friends otherwise exposed to our overly dishevelled traveller personas. I even had some highlights in my hair in a fit of middle age elegance-seeking. 

Next was that I promised Lili that she can have a blue streak in her hair - just for fun, or to celebrate Finland's 100 year of independence or because she is turning nine which of course is a major milestone. Or just because. Yes. 

I went online and booked an appointment for Lili's blue streak and Dante's trim and we happily piled into the salon the next morning.

The stylist stood behind the counter looking constipated. The boss was standing next to her looking like their dog was sick. Really sick.  Something uncomfortable was going on. 

Errrr... what is it?  

Tarja our stylist very embarrassedly started to apologize and say she is really sorry she did not mention this when I was in for my highlights but there actually is A LAW in Finland that states that 'no one shall colour the hair of a person under sixteen years of age'.

After about ten seconds of awkward double take, I think I burst out in incredulous laughter which of course was very insensitive to Lili's expectation of her blue streak. However, Lili is proving to be very mature in handling disappointment so we just sat down and watched Tarja give Dante a cool short summer style.

To close, I am attaching a lovely picture of our good friend Margo from Vancouver, which can serve  to demonstrate how other ways of thinking can not only be more respectful of people's ability to make choices for themselves, but also bring joy and beauty.