Laura's morning class is simply terrific - even if I have to drag myself there at such an ungodly hour! I am totally committed to attending each week (never happened before BTW) because slowly and surely, I am noticing significant improvement in both my flexibility and my health!  

Laura is an excellent teacher and loves to share her impressive knowledge of yoga, both the philosophy and the technique.  She encourages you to push yourself but also provides adaptations to enable everyone to do the best they can. I had previously thought that yoga just wasn't for me, as every time I tried it, I was suffering shoulder pain by about the third class. But not this time - not only no shoulder pain, but this class is definitely helping to resolve other health issues!  Thank you Laura!



I can not say enough good things about Laura’s yoga classes. She is exceptionally skilled and deeply knowledgeable about the physical and theoretical core of yoga. Her love of the practise is contagious and she is an enthusiastic, encouraging and perceptive teacher.



I have been attending Laura's classes and workshops for over seven years. She is an outstanding teacher and I recommend her without reservation!



I love having Laura as my teacher and mentor. She introduced me to Purna Yoga and the applied philosophy, nutrition and Heartfull Meditation that allows us to live yoga beyond "just" poses and stretches. Still, her asana classes are simply full of guidance, encouragement and opportunity for improvement.  Laura shows you you can do it, even when you don't believe yourself, and that's how I have evolved my practice more than I thought I would by now.  Her focus on alignment and safety is always present, which builds confidence in that we realize what a pose should really feel like, and why we shouldn't use force, but be more aware of our bodies. A meditation in itself.