The Purna Yoga All Inclusive Retreat on Bowen Island offers a wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice and detach from the stresses of work and city. Our time together is nourished by our common practice and supported by the beautiful facility and stunning nature around us.

Our own on-site caterer prepares three superb yogic meals a day, and the retreat offers Sunrider beverages throughout. Special diets are welcome and can be accommodated . Our days are full of activities ranging from meditation and asana, theory and philosophy talks, pranayama, poetry, yoga nidra, chanting, restorative sessions and silence. A popular highlight is a guest lecture by Dr. Parmar, a Vancouver Naturopath. There is also time for individual reflections and walks in nature. All participants stay in private rooms with a bath or shower and direct views to nature.

This special experience is limited to 12 participants. Previous yoga experience is recommended. The retreat is offered at a sliding scale cost. Please note that participants are encouraged to reserve an extra day after the retreat to allow the experience to deepen after the programming ends.

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Retreat feedback:

• The schedule was great, richly and densely packed with quality, well planned activities and a good balance
of creative, philosophy, asana, food, meditation/pranayama, etc. It surpassed my expectations.

• It was an over the top experience. I feel so calm and energized. The most important thing is that it made me calmer and healed my condition. My [health issue] was really bad before and in the beginning of the retreat but it completely healed by the end which was really surprising. The coaching also was really helpful.

• The retreat surpassed my expectations (I really didn’t know what to expect beyond a couple of yoga classes a day). Everyone is telling me I’m looking rested and healthy. I’m extremely happy with how much new information I got from the retreat (especially food, naturopathy and with the in-depth knowledge you shared about the asana positions and how best to perform them).

• Meals were a highlight. Everything was SO good! I was nourished deliciously and creatively every single day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon snacks!

• Beautiful environment with incredible energy.

• Laura, thank you for all your efforts on our behalf. Organizing a retreat like this was a tremendous amount of work especially when you have so many other demands on your time. You are also a very gifted teacher. In a question in the feedback survey I had to rate the various elements of this retreat from 1 to 10 but the reality is I benefited tremendously from every single aspect of this retreat. Thank you so very much!