make the everyday extraordinary.


Welcome to your life in the fullest! Yoga is a powerful tool to help you connect with your true self.  Practicing Purna Yoga offers simple and comprehensive methods for connecting deeply with your inner light and balance, the true building blocks of your Spirit.  Sustained practice will make every day extraordinary.



More than just a yoga CLASS.


Maitri Yoga offers more than just a yoga class - we have many different workshops, retreats, study groups and events that help you discover true personal growth and allow you to become the person you really want to be.

Purna Yoga teaches us that All Life is Yoga, and a continued study exposes you to a depth of learning not only in asana and pranayama, but also in meditation, nutrition and lifestyle and yoga philosophy.





Laura is currently living in Finland and visits Vancouver. Laura’s Granville Island 7:00 am Thursday class continues with Christine Bickson. Purna Yoga philosophy study group  is underway for 2018/2019. Next event in Vancouver: July 2020 Retreat.

Next event / classes in Helsinki: Advanced classes for teachers at Purna Yoga Helsinki (2019 fall classes on Sundays at 7:30 am). Next workshop in Helsinki: PRANAYAMA - THE ART OF BREATH October 26 at 3:00 - 6:00 pm. Morning class for Aalto staff starts on Sept. 4.



Heartfull Meditation™, unique to Purna Yoga, is a meditation like no other. The objective is not to 'empty the mind' but to direct our energies and thoughts to more Light and Love, in order for us all to live our life aligned with our Dharma, our Soul's purpose. The Meditation Snacks are a delightful, easy and accessible tool to synchronize one's thoughts, actions and energy to add brilliance to the world and effect both personal and collective transformation. Laura is pleased to teach Heartfull Meditation™ upon request. For the fullest experience, please attend the retreat!



Bowen Island CAnada AND ronda andalusia

The fifth all inclusive Purna Yoga Retreat on Bowen Island is scheduled for July 19 - July 23, 2020.  This deeply transformative event includes days full of yoga asana, meditation, philosophy, pranayama, yoga nidra, satsang as well amazing organic on-site catered three meals a day. Please click HERE for more info and HERE  to register. This retreat sells out every year.

NEW in 2020! A full week Yoga and Wellbeing retreat in Ronda, in the heart of beautiful Andalusia in Spain. Dates are confirmed for May 24-31, 2020. Please watch this space for more information soon and send a message HERE to get on the Ronda retreat mailing list.




Private sessions are often the most effective tool for students with therapeutic needs. Laura's extensive training in yoga therapy covers a broad range of physiological and psychological challenges.  Sometimes even one session is sufficient to bring about substantial relief. Private classes are also excellent for students who wish to deepen their practice or simply troubleshoot a pose, and can be given at a studio or in your home. Laura is a Certified Professional Yoga Therapist and a full member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Private sessions are offered at CAD 125 or € 85 / 90 minutes.  Please click HERE to book or inquire about a private.




Laura is a senior yoga instructor and professional yoga therapist who has been teaching for over a decade in Canada and internationally. She is a huge believer in the transformative power of yoga and encourages everyone to find a deeper connection with their own light and spirit through regular practice and meditation. She is an enthusiastic, encouraging and perceptive teacher who enjoys meeting students of all levels.

Laura is a graduate of the elite professional yoga training program at the College of Purna Yoga in Bellevue: a Certified Purna Yoga Instructor at the 2,000 hour level (only 4 people in Canada, and fewer than 90 people worldwide hold this designation). She is also a RYT 500 registered teacher with Yoga Alliance. 

As a Certified Yoga Therapist, she is also a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, C-IAYT.

As a trained teacher trainer, Laura has participated in teacher trainings in Vancouver, Seattle, San Jose, Edmonton and Helsinki, and has served as assistant faculty at the Yoga Journal Conference in Boston, and three times at the Vancouver Yoga Conference. Since 2013, Laura has also been teaching in Mexico at least one week a year, and during her trip around the world Laura also taught in Japan, Thailand, India, Brazil, Spain and Finland. Laura currently teaches the advanced class for teachers at Purna Yoga Helsinki.

Outside of yoga, Laura holds a Masters Degree in Architecture and has a long career as a specialist in all areas of healthcare. She is Professor of Health and Wellbeing Architecture at Aalto University in Helsinki.

Please click HERE to book Laura.

Laura is deeply grateful to her amazing teachers Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri, international yoga and meditation masters and the founders of Purna Yoga.

Much love.